A fast, privacy-focused commenting platform
Sticky Comments
Pin important comments to the top of the thread.
Markdown Support
Allows for rich formatting and expression.
Upvotes and Downvotes
Upvote insightful comments and downvote ones that don't add to the discussion.
Moderation Tools
Remove offtopic comments, shadow ban spammers and trolls, and enforce timeouts.
Automated Spam Detection
With built-in spam detection, you and your readers have nothing to worry about.
Nested Threads
With nested comments, it is easy and intuitive to follow the discussion.
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Minified + GZipped
Lightweight and fast
Half a second increase in page load time results in a 20% decrease in site traffic. Commento is lighter and faster than alternatives, at just 11 KB of JavaScript and CSS. Try the demo
Personal data is personal
Commento has not, does not, and will not gather your personal information to sell to advertisers, third-party trackers, or other organisations. Read Commento's privacy policy
Pay what you want
Regardless of how much you pay for Commento, you'll get access to all the features. It's that simple. See Commento's pricing page
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Easy to embed
Embedding Commento is really easy. Sign up and stick this piece of HTML code in your website and everything will just work. That's it. Really. Check out the documentation
No spam
With Commento's advanced moderation tools, automatic spam filtering, and Akismet integration, you and your readers will never see any spam.
third-party tracking
real conversations
a faster web
Get started with Commento. It's really easy, I promise.

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Commento is a proud recipient of the Mozilla Open Source Support award. The $19,200 grant was given in recognition of Commento's contributions to make the internet more privacy-friendly. Learn more.